Lorraine Tan Name: Lorraine Tan, Chen Li Xin
Chinese Name: 陈莉芯
Birth Place: Singapore
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: O+
Singer / Songwriter / Entrepreneur

Lorraine 陈莉芯

There probably isn't a more romantic singer anywhere then Lorraine 陈莉芯.

Just the fact that she has penned more than 150 original love songs over the past five years alone justifies that claim, but Lorraine's love affair with romance isn't just about her professional career. Everything about Lorraine is almost like an urban fairytale.

Coming from a strict traditional Chinese family, Lorraine's father was the typical strong, silent type. Whenever he sang, however, he was full of expression, particularly in showing his love towards a young Lorraine. That triggered her passion in singing and music, and she began actively pursuing her dream.

Music became the centre of Lorraine's life, and played a huge part in every critical point. She won music competitions while pursuing her degree in civil engineering, sang semi-professionally, started her own wedding music company, wrote and composed for companies, for Singapore's National Day Celebrations as well as charities and made a successful career out of it.

It is no wonder that while other ballad singers make their name expressing sadness and heartbreak, Lorraine has mostly written and sung happy and motivational songs about love.

"The world we live in grows more cynical about love every day. Divorce rates are up, birth rates are down, and songs that top the charts are usually about heartbreaks. Maybe I can't change what is happening, but I do believe that through my music, I might share my view that the world is not all that bleak," said Lorraine.

To that effect, back in 2006, Lorraine set up Wedding Harmony, a company which writes songs for wedding couples and performs at their ceremonies. Since then, she and her team has made the happy day even more special for over 600 couples and counting. Her customers also requested that she put their songs into albums that they can purchase.

She then released two albums, Original Love Stories Vol.1 & 2, which compiled the songs she had written, back in 2006 and 2008 respectively. The albums primarily catered to her network of clients and their friends.

In 2010, Lorraine decided to take her music career to a higher level with a commercial Chinese album, 我的世界 (My World), which sold out in both Singapore and Malaysia, despite the lack of a notable marketing budget. 我的世界 (My World) was also selected as mediacorp's chinese drama " RESCUE 995" ending theme song on channel 8.

The commercial album was produced by Lorraine under her own label, Pink Piano Productions, and the album was supported generously by sponsors.

She said, "With the encouraging performance of my first two albums, I wanted to try my hand at something a little more commercial, so that I could share my music to a larger audience. I learned a lot from that experience. As a singer/songwriter, I used to just focus on the music, but the commercial album taught me a lot about professional producing, as well as managing perceptions."

The album's positive reception from the fans, and her love for her country, next led her to compose and record a single during National Day. Aptly titled My Singapore, the song received strong airplay on FM 93.3 and Class 95, leading to Lorraine performing the track to a 5,000-strong crowd at the National Day party at Marina Barrage at the invitation of PUB ( The Public Utilities Board of Singapore).

Lorraine's fairy tale continues with her the release of her fourth album, Original Love Stories Vol. 3: Forever, which hit the shelves in Oct 2011.

In 2012, she continues with My Singapore Part 2: Smile and Love will grow with the theme of religious harmony. All proceeds from the sale of this CD went to helping 2 charities: Tzu Chi & The New Charis Mission.

In 2013, Lorraine's was commissioned by Nparks to compose the official theme song to celebrate Singapore's 50th year of greening. This song will air on Channel 5, 8 & CNA as a TV interstitial. She also continues her tradition of celebrating national day in a meaningful way with My Singapore Part 3 in 2013: " Shine Singapore". The beneficiary of this fund raising project is The Straits Time School Pocket Money Fund ( SPMF). In My Singapore 2013, she has composed another original National Day song, and is producing a music video. This project will culminate in a National Day charity fund-raising concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 6th August 2013. Proceeds from the sale of her CDs and concert tickets will go to SPMF.

It is also Lorraine's belief to give children and younger talents a platform to learn and enjoy music and music video filming with her projects. She also hopes that in her own small ways, she can contribute to supporting and developing the local music and arts scene.

1. 2006 Original Love Stories Vol. 1 – ENG (Not marketed commercially)
2. 2008 Original Love Stories Vol. 2 – ENG (Not marketed commercially)
3. 2011 (Feb) - 我的世界 (Chinese)-released in Singapore & Msia
4. 2011 (Oct) – Forever – Original Love Songs Vol. 3 - ENG
5. 2012 ( Sep) - "My Singapore 2012: Smile & Love will Grow" Album. Beneficiaries: Tzu Chi & The New Charis Mission (Charities)
6. 2013 ( Sep) - "My Singapore 2013: Shine Singapore" Album. Beneficiary: The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund. Includes Nparks Theme Song " 50 years of Greening" for Channel 5, Channel 8 & CNA TV interstitial.

About Wedding Harmony

Wedding Harmony was founded in 2006 by Lorraine as Singapore's first wedding music company specialising in the writing and production of original wedding love songs. It's vision was to create Musical Weddings, by combining the unique original love song concept, with high quality "live" actual wedding day performances. Till date, Wedding Harmony has performed at over 600 weddings and its lead singer/songwriter artiste Lorraine has written and produced over 150 original wedding love songs and tribute to parents' songs.

Lorraine and Wedding Harmony's musical journey is one of inspiration, joy and friendship, and they perform comfortably in English and Chinese, with an outstanding repertoire consisting of a mix of pop, evergreen, jazz, and bossa nova. Working only with the best musicians and sound crew in the Singapore music scene, Wedding Harmony always strives to bring high quality music and entertainment onto stage, maintaining its position as Singapore's premier wedding music company.